About Us

Vilnius City Public Health Bureau

About Us

Vilnius City Public Health Bureau is a public health care municipal office, established to implement public health functions assigned to municipalities by legal acts.


Functions of the bureau:


1. Public health promotion in the municipal community;

2. Public health monitoring in the municipality;

3. Communicable disease prevention in the municipality;

4. Prevention of non-infectious diseases and injuries in the municipality;

5. Implementation of public health programs in the municipality;

6. Child and youth health promotion;

7. Cooperation with social partners;

8. Evaluation of municipality institutions’ decisions on public health;

Public health monitoring – a purposefully organized and systematic collection, storage and processing of information on the level of public health and risk factors that have impact on public health;

After collecting comprehensive data on public health and factors that have impact on it, we will determine public health problems and priorities of public health improvement, also on the basis of objective information we will plan and implement local public health promotion and prevention programs.

Public health promotion – health education, spread of information about public health, promotion and formation of healthy lifestyle and reducing the behaviour-based health risk factors.

Child and youth health care – promotion and implementation of health measures between children and youth.

Vilnius City Public Health Bureau together with other communities and non-Governmental institutions has best position to expose health problems that arise in Vilnius municipality, to evaluate priorities of public health care and implement successful measures of health maintenance and promotion.